Don’t be put off by the title

Kris | Books,Communicating belief to unbelievers | Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

A book’s title is important–a poor title can be a barrier for many people. I never would have read Popologetics if I hadn’t already known some of Ted Turnau’s good work. But I can tell you now that you simply must overcome any sense that the book will be silly (though it has a few silly things in it, because that seems to be Ted). In fact, this is a fine work of scholarship with a very helpful practical model of its application.

The purpose of the book is to convince us that it is important (as Christians) to engage pop culture–and that, in fact, pop culture is worth engaging, being a mixture of truth and beauty on the one hand (as a result of common grace) and lies and ugliness on the other (as a result of sin). I found Turnau’s critique of high-culture elitism compelling.

The big payoff is that after presenting his own model of engagement, he works through five examples in detail: a song, movies, manga/anime, and even Twitter. It’s all great stuff and I hope you’ll read it.

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