Richard Rolle of Hampole, c. 1300 – 1349

Kris | Poetry | Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Richard RolleIhesu, als thou me made and bought,
Thou be my love and all my thought,
And help that I were to Thee brought;
Withouten thee I may do nought.

Ihesu, als thou may do thy will
And naething is that thee may let;
With thy grace my heart fulfill,
My love and my liking in thee set.

Ihesu, at thy will
I pray that I might be;
All my heart fulfill
With perfect love to thee.

That I have done ill
Ihesu, forgive thou me;
And suffer me never to spill
Ihesu, for pity. Amen.


als – as
withouten – without
naething – nothing
let – hinder, impede, thwart
fulfill – fill; imbue, endow
liking – pleasure, delight
set – to base on or ground in
at thy will – in accordance with your will
spill – perish; be damned
for pity – on account of [your] mercy

Prose paraphrase

Jesus, since you made me and bought me, be my love and all my thought, and bring me into your presence. Without you I can do nothing.

Jesus, since you can do as you please and nothing can thwart your purposes, fill my heart with grace, ground all my love and delight in you.

Jesus, I pray that my will would be in accord with yours; fill all my heart with perfect love to you.

Forgive the evil I have done, Jesus; and never let me be damned, for your mercy’s sake. Amen.

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